1. One Issue Number 15 coming soon

    The Nimh team went to Europe and all Brian Shima got was this cover! Sam Butt shoots and writes the story of their travels, offering his two cents on the increasing importance of being skater-owned and the energy of Montre Livingston. Joey Chase wasn’t on that tour, but as chance would have it he nabbed himself the feature interview in the very same issue. We sent Drew Amato to shoot in Florida during the Pow-Wow but Joey broke his ankle, so shooting was postponed until a hectic three-day stretch in San Diego. Called in for the job of capturing the action was NorCal’s Nick Korompilas, and the results are every bit as raw as Joey’s reputation. See all this and more when ONE Issue #15 ships this month.

    One Issue 15

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  2. One Issue 15 previews

    Just received an update from ONE concerning the new issue.

    We know, we know, it’s been a while, but in the ensuing months the ONE team has been busy building the new issue, and we’re glad to say it’s on its way. This time out Nimh tours Europe and Sam Butt was there to document the action, John Haynes Spotlights Blake O’Brien shredding the Twin Cities, Joey Chase gets a high-pressure interview shoot with Nick Korompilas, Carlos Pianowski gives us a Take 5, Marc Moreno shreds Barcelona for an Am Hour, Danish vert legend Rene Hulgreen gets his 15 Minutes, Mike Rios delivers a Folio, the largest Picks gallery ever, and too much more to list. Be on the lookout for a copy at your local retailer in December.

    One Issue 15 preview

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