1. New M1 Wheels available soon

    Murder 1 Urethane just released some of their pro wheels in different colored urethane. For everybody that likes black and grey wheels this is good news. For everyone else that strictly buys wheels for their quality and performance this re-release is good news, too.
    Julian Bah Pro Wheel – 56mm/Hard – Black/Green
    Julian Bah Pro Wheel Limited Edition – 56mm/Hard – Black/Pink
    Franky Morales Pro Wheel – 59mm/Hard – Grey

    Brian Aragon Pro Wheel – 57mm/Hard – Black

    M1 also managed to put out follow-ups to their famous Trinity wheel design. If you haven”t checked these out yet you missed out big time!
    M1 Trinity Wheel NEW – 57mm/91a/68c – Grey/Green

    Not pictured are the new M1 Trinity Wheel – 57mm/91a/68c – Grey/Green

    Also back in stock are their famous shirt with a design we all can relate to in some way.


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  2. New Sribe Abec 9 and Ceramic Bearings out now!

    Scribe Industries just released their line of new bearings. Each set of Scribe bearings comes with 4 aluminum spacers that fit the standard axel width for all aggressive inline frames. They come lubricated and ready to roll immediately out of their stylish packaging that sets Scribe apart from the rest!

    The Scribe Abec 9 Bearings are a great decision compared to other brands on the market for multiple reasons. First compared to a majority of other brands Scribe bearings are manufactured with rubber side shields that eliminate high resistance inside the bearing casing which tend to cause melted steel bearing and/or bent metal shields that may stop the rotation of the bearing itself. The rubber shields are also replaceable and interchangeable if you decide you want to take the time to customize your bearing set-up. The rubber shields are easy Das Internet ist mit Online Casino s uberflutet. to pop off as well, allowing for quick and easy bearing maintenance.


    Scribes brand new Ceramic Bearings are a perfect choice for anyone looking to roll smooth and fast. Scribe is the first aggressive inline company to offer a true ceramic bearing! Stop paying for those skateboard brands and support the industry you love and skate for! These bearings come with removable rubber side wall shields so you can maintain and clean your high performance skate bearings frequently. Maintenance is important with ceramics in order to keep their longevity, speed and smoothness. The bearings are equipped with ceramic plating Silicon Nitrate, and spaced between silicon spacers inside the casing to give that fast, smooth feel when rolling around.


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  3. Denial releases new Livingston and Wojda Wheels for Summer

    East Coast based company Denial just released two new pro wheels for their team riders Mark Wojda and Montre Livingston. Both 59mm/93a wheels are made of a high quality black urethane compound.


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  4. Montre Livingston SSM Pro Skate available worldwide

    Just in case you’ve been living under a rock the last few months: the new Montre Livingston SSM pro skates are available now worldwide! SSM has also released a limited run of white soulplates for your customizing needs. Get them while they’re hot!


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  5. ‘Regardless’ by Brandon Negrete

    The latest Brandon Negrete joint ‘Regardless’ ships next week and will soon be available in skate shops around the globe. Starring Chris Haffey, Andrew Jacuzzi, Keaton Newsom, Erik Stokley, Erik Bailey, Kruise Sapstien, Chris Dafick, Ross Kuhn, Jeff Stockwell and Jon Jon Bolino, this video is one not to miss!


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